Be a Bedouin in the Desert

Are you an explorer or a national geographic person? Then, this trip is the one for you! Get ready because it is camel milk time with some Bedouin baked bread. Not enough? Discover their original coffee making while visiting a Bedouin family to experience their day to day life. Escape the bustling world, live an authentic day with the Bedouins, and catch a glimpse of the local culture.

We will start our adventure with a thrilling jeep tour, rushing into the golden desert and passing by its stunning landmarks. We will continue to Siq Um Al Tawaqi, where the group can rest for 30 minutes. Then, we will continue to explore the desert’s main attractions for one hour. We will stop to stay with a Bedouin family, witness how they make bread, and see how they make milk from the camels and goats. The Bedouins will tell you stories about the tasty Arabic coffee and its rules of drinking. Enjoy a cup of Bedouin tea as you soak in the stunning surroundings. And, you can join them, learn how to cook the famous Arabic food. Take an authentic Arabic taste with you back home and boast about your cooking abilities in front of your friends. Have dinner there or go back to the camp for dinner. On the way back to the camp, the group will get ready for another adventure “the Camel Night Safari.” Go back to the camp and spend the night in the serene desert under the clear milk way galaxy.

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September 2022
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