Buggies Tour in the Desert

Fancy living your life on the edge? – Enjoy an adrenaline boost and try our version of the Fast & Furious on a buggy, competing with your friends and soaking in the beauty of Wadi Rum. Join our team and enjoy an outstanding ride through the spectacular scenery, an adventure not to be missed! Race along the golden sand, enjoy the sparkling sun, and add some action to your vacation in Jordan. And more importantly, experience freedom when you explore the stretching desert at your own pace. This trip combines nature and adventure on the same day, fulfilling your both sides. it is not only about the incredible scenery but the sensation itself. Nothing can compete with the feeling of wind grazing your face, crisp air playing with your hair, and the rushing speed, resulting in an epic adventure. Such a blast! Come on, get ready for the wildest adventure on four wheels!

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September 2022
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