Camel Safari in the Desert

They say “The camel and its driver; each has his own plan.” Our camels and drivers have one plan, which is to show you the beauty of the Wadi Rum at Sunset until the stars start shining in the sky.  Want to experience the feeling of riding a camel? – It’s better you do it like the good old days! This camel travel will give a taste of the ancient days when this was the only way to travel. Join our Rahayeb team, enjoy an authentic camel ride, and visit the desert’s highlights along the way.

Camels, also referred to as “the Ships of the Desert,” are the best way to explore the vast desert of Wadi Rum. Start your day with a camel ride into the desert until you reach Wadi Um Ishrin and the red dune of Al-Hasany. We will arrive at Rakabet Um ejil, where lunch is served. Then, we will ride towards the big wall called Anfishiyyeh and marvel at the ancient inscriptions made by the Nabateans and Thamudics. As we arrive at Khazali Canyon, we will stop to explore the magnificent spot and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, soaking in the magical sunset. Spend the day touring the desert in the company of this remarkable creature and live a memorable experience with no equal. Finally, we will get back to Rahayeb Camp and spend the rest of the day. Are you ready to hit the desert of Wadi Rum?!

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September 2022
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