Camping in Wadi Rum Desert

Have you ever slept in the desert? – If you’re a nature lover, this is the perfect trip for you! Escape the bustling world and discover the vast desert while enjoying the breathtaking views ahead of you. The best way to explore the dramatic desert is on foot. So, put on your comfortable shoes and get ready for some spectacular wonders.

“Vast, echoing, God-like,” these were the exact words that Lawrence of Arabia has described this place. Follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, stroll through the sandstone valley, and get ready to be stunned! Watch the steep cliffs, unique rock formations, striking sandstone, and golden sand, stretching for miles and miles. As you roam, you will come across one of Jordan’s highest peaks, Jebel Um Ishrin, along with the famous Khazali Canyon. Sit on a rock, enjoy the place’s tranquility, and watch as the valley changes colors by the glowing sun rays. As the sun sets, lose yourself in the quiet charm of “Valley of the Moon,” make friends with the Bedouins, and listen to their exciting stories. Want to have a different experience? – Camp in Wadi Rum, spend the night in the middle of the desert, and sleep under the stars. All you see is the stretching sand and sparkling stars and all you hear is the sound of serenity. Rahayeb Team will make your desert camping an awesome experience, leaving you with memories of a lifetime!

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