Climbing & Rappelling

Want to add some action to your holiday in Jordan? – Join our experts on this amazing adventure and have the time of your life! This trip is ideal if you want to spend some quality time with your family. Also, it is suitable for all abilities. Perfect! Are you ready?!

The grandiose desert has a lively aura that can’t be described in words, with a charming touch of peace and serenity. A true paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers! With boundless space, unique mountains, and red mushroom walls, the place is begging to be explored. Calm your nerves, summon your energy, and let’s go hiking! As you climb higher, you feel the adrenaline rush into your veins. Go higher, and then, turn to look at the view. Far below, the valley is spreading for miles, with the sheer mountains and sparkling sand surrounded by the drifting clouds. Aside from rock climbing, you can enjoy a rappelling adventure, causing an involuntary upwelling of joy, excitement, and surge of fear at the same time!

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September 2022
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