Hiking in the Desert

There is always an adventure waiting for you in the mountains! We offer a great opportunity for nature lovers to explore the Wadi Rum desert and witness its beauty in a way you never expected. Of course, climbing the imposing mountains is the highlight of your vacation in Jordan. A piece of cake? – Ha, let’s see! Challenge yourself to hike to the top of the Jebel Burdah Rock Bridge and you’ll be stunned by the outstanding scenery of the whole desert. And, remember, the higher you climb, the better the views will be. Walk the rock bridge, if you dare, and snap a picture to document this memorable day. Standing on the arch is thrilling but yes, totally worth it. Wondering how much longer the bridge will last? – Why don’t you try for yourself?

Hike towards the Seven Pillars of Wisdom and climb to the top of Makharas Canyon, followed by a hiking adventure up to Jebel Rum and Jebel Umm Ad Dami.  If the sky is clear, you may catch a glimpse of the sweeping mountains of Saudi Arabia, stretching over the horizon. This adventure isn’t for weak-hearted people, so, unleash your inner Edmund Hillary, and let’s go hiking!


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