Hot Air Balloon Ride

It is such an Ugly Truth to miss the hot air balloon ride over Wadi Rum! Add some spice to your journey in Jordan and experience the magical sunrise as you fly high over Wadi Rum. Let the fresh breeze play with your hair as you watch the golden sun rays reflecting on the majestic desert. Explore the breathtaking landscape of granite cliffs, multi-colored mountains, and picturesque sandstones from the top. An adventure you can’t so no to, can you?!

Have some moments of peace, relaunch yourself, enjoy the mesmerizing views of the ever-changing colors of the desert, and fulfill your soul with the morning dew smell! It is such an enjoyable experience to rise high in the sky and get a bird’s view of the whole place. The views are totally worth it! Get up early in the morning and arrive on time to watch the balloon growing after the captain fills it with hot air. Firing the gas, Ta-da! You’re rising higher and higher to the sky as if you’re in the Disney Movie “Up.” If you just love heights and adventures, this trip can’t be missed! And, don’t forget to bring your camera to snap magnificent pictures while the balloon is gliding up into the sky. Your heart is beating with excitement already?!


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