Jeep Tours in Wadi Rum

So, you think you know Wadi Rum? – The Jeep tour offers an iconic package of nature, history, and archaeology, stepping through a portal to ancient times! Immerse yourself in the local culture, dig more into history, and imagine the first person who lived here.

Witness Wadi Rum from a different perspective and roam the massive area with a racing jeep! At Rahayeb, we make sure you get the ultimate jeep safari and have a memorable time you’ll talk about for years. Pass by the amazing sights of the deserts, explore the ancient canyons, and walk across the rock bridges. We will show you the highlights of Wadi Rum, enjoying the sunset as it reflects on the red dunes and unique rock formations. We will get back to the camp, enjoy an authentic dinner, and spend some quality time as you listen to an Oud Singer. You will spend the night in the desert under the glowing stars. The next day, you will enjoy a delicious breakfast as you soak in the magical sunrise, check out, and get ready to leave. Oh! And, don’t forget to try the special Bedouin tea!

Please note that we have different Jeep Tours, each with a different route and price. Choose what suits your taste from the following:

  • One-hour tour
  • Two-hours tour
  • Three-hours tour
  • Four-hours tour
  • Five-hour tour
  • Six-hours tour

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