Meditation in Wadi Rum

Enjoy the “Eat, Pray, Love” experience in Wadi Rum! Live the Jordanian meditation practice with us and we will take care of your soul. Feel the difference?!

Trying to escape the hectic world around you? – Wadi Rum will be your own paradise, a place of peace, serenity, and beauty! Disconnect your phone, feel the desert silence, and give yourself the time to clear your mind. With gorgeous landscapes, remarkable sandstones, and natural arches, Wadi Rum gives you the chance to see the world in a way you never expected. Enjoy the powerful, undisturbed silence, only broken by the sound of humming birds. The relaxing environment has an energy that is perfect for meditation. Lose yourself in the natural rhythm of life, connect with your soul, block the negative thoughts, and relieve your stress. Enjoy your meditation session, with the most spellbinding views in Jordan. It is highly guaranteed that you will leave the desert a completely different person than the one who arrived earlier! Why don’t you join us and give it a try?!

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September 2022
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